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RV Organization (Tip #6) – Utensil Caddy

After owning our travel trailer a little over a year and making ten trips (some over 2 weeks), I am STILL reorganizing and moving things around. After our June trip to Tennessee, I spent an afternoon purging and removing items I was not using,. Now, here I am in August doing it again.

I’ve struggled with keeping paper goods where they are easily accessible inside. We put them in a cabinet and found it inconvenient, then put them on a shelf that also didn’t work out. I’ve tried numerous ideas.

I ordered this white wire utensil caddy from Amazon to use outdoors but I now keep INSIDE on a little side table. It’s worked out great. It’s very convenient, not in the way of food prep, and easy to move around. Sometimes it ends up on the dinette. I’m glad — we’ve had our camper 16 mos and finally found something that works for us.

For the OUTDOOR KITCHEN, I saw a great idea. Use a Tupperware-type cake plate to keep out dirt and insects. You store your paper plates, plastic utensils and napkins inside. I found something similar at Dollar General and it’s working out quite well. I never liked having paper goods and plastic utensils loose in the outdoor kitchen where bugs might infiltrate. Love this idea!!!

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RV Organization (Tip #5) – Decor

I found this cute metal basket at Big Lots.

I had been looking for something to put on the side of this cabinet because it is at the entrance to our bedroom.  At times I’ve needed to put something in this spot for easy access for us – keys, a small flashlight on a string, 5 x 7 cards with important info, campground info, etc.

This was perfect!! As usual I hung it with Command Hooks. When we sell the Travel Trailer I plan to remove all my décor details so the next owner can decorate as they wish.

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RV Organization – Tip #8 – Over-the-Door Hanger Rack

This is not a Pinterest find!! I actually dreamed up this Hack because I was worried about the weight that heavy items were putting on our cheap travel trailer doors.

Our slide is not flush against the wall; there is about a 1” gap at the top. This over-the-door rack fits perfectly snug over the lip of the slide.

To keep it from scratching the wood I temporarily put a wash cloth over the edge but plan to find something nicer. 😊

This rack holds my heavy purse or Kavu bag, and heavy jackets at this time. It’s worked out well and will be a permanent hack for us. Of course I remove it when we have to bring in the slide, but that takes about 5 seconds and I store the door hanger in the bathroom closet until we reach our next destination, then rehang.

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RV Organization (Tip #7) – Hanging Organizers

“We need more storage in our Travel Trailer”, and “It’s all about the weight” — how many times do you find yourself saying this?

We are staring at 4 months in Florida, and I’m feeling panic. HOW can we live in our 28′ Travel Trailer for that long? Where will we put everything? Yet we can’t add too much weight!

These hanging storage items are described on Amazon as: Storage Pocket Wardrobe Organizer Bag Multi-Layer Holder Wall Mount Makeup Bags. Wow!! I almost hung one in the bathroom but we have lots of cabinet space in there and not enough in our living area.

The gray one hangs on a large command strip that we actually use to hang winter coats. But it’s summer so it serves as a catch-all when we walk in the door. It holds doggy treats, and a small flashlight among other things.

As you can see in the photo, it hangs above a very thin white table I put in the entrance way. When our small grandchildren were in the RV weeks ago, I used this gray hanging organizer more to keep items out of the way of ‘little hands’. If you have children it especially would be helpful.

The gold organizer hangs in a corner which I’ve struggled with.

This corner is only 12” wide when the slide is in and is tucked behind the bathroom door when it is open. I found that we really don’t want to put anything we frequently use in that corner. So I found the wire rack on rollers, and hung the organizer above it and the past two trips that corner has worked out well.

On my next post you’ll see something else I put in that corner to utilize it more.

Link to these organizers: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

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Pantry Problems — What do you store in this space under your TV/Soundbar?

I had no idea what Title to use for this post. Maybe I should call it, “Venting about this Weird Space”. It looks to be a good place for a 1980s Boombox, or DVD player, but as you’ll notice the Sound System and DVD player are built in directly above this “weird space”. Below is a photo of the space when we bought the travel trailer — before a TV was installed. You get a better idea of this space here in this photo.

As stated in other posts we purchased a 2018 28 ft Palomino Puma travel trailer 15 months ago. It is basic and what we wanted at the time since we had never been RV’ers and had no idea if we would like it or not.

As you may know, there is not a lot of storage in most of these RV’s. Ours  has very little space for food storage so I purchased various bins and baskets and tried to organize food such as breakfast bars, snacks, breads, ice bucket  (unless it has ice and is being used), and in the back is a bin where we store our weather radio and a few other things.  But I’m always rearranging and wondering if I can do something else with this space.

What about you? Do you have lack of food storage or a pantry, and if so, how do you handle food issues? I’d love to hear – email me at

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RV Organization (Tip #4) – Shoe Container by Door

This clear plastic bin to the left of the door. has become our shoe storage. It is actually advertised as a bin for pantry or closet organization, however, I purchased two and found it is the perfect size to fit in this space inside the door and contain sandals and flip flops. I intend to store at least a couple pairs of shoes in the winter, too.

It is large enough to contain my husband’s Crocs or shower shoes, a pair of my tennis shoes and two pairs of flip flops (maybe three if you sit them on top of the rest of the shoes). 😊

The other container is full of sheets and pillow cases in the closet in the bathroom.

I purchased these from LTD Commodities (link below) and would definitely purchase again.   I constantly hear so many of us in the RV World looking for storage solutions, especially for shoes and such.

Disclaimer: No, I am not receiving anything for free, nor did the company ask me to review this item.

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LED Portable Light (Switch)

This little LED light has come in very handy. It has a magnet on the back so we stuck it to our refrigerator.

We’ve had some unfortunate situations where we left our flashlight beside the door and when we needed a light during the night, this little light was super convenient.

I’ve seen them at a lot of stores, but I got this one at Harbor Freight for around $3.00.

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Mistakes of the First Camping Trip

After several weeks of anxiety and preparation for our first camping trip in the new travel trailer, we pulled into the Jellystone Park in Elberta, AL, just outside Orange Beach. We chose Jellystone because it was June, hot as hades on the Alabama coast, and this campground has lots of shade. Also, it is only a few miles from two of our Grands and this park has lots of kid activities! I will blog more on this park in another post.

Here’s my sweet husband with his clipboard in his lap making edits to the Checklist!

My husband the accountant and I try to be very organized and plan, plan, plan. We have an excel spreadsheet checklist of what has to be done to set up and take down when camping.

However, excitement overtook us and after we completely set up and had already unhooked the truck, my husband noticed the stabilizer jacks were not down. Strike #1. Yes, we DID remember to chock the tires thankfully!

The other thing we did wrong on this first trip was not closing the refrigerator doors before traveling. We have a small residential type fridge in this 2018 Puma.

noodle on fridge

I found a pic on Pinterest (copied here from Pinterest) showing how to use pool noodles to keep your fridge open when parked to allow it to air out, but we forgot to take them off and close the doors when we left  home. Two hours into the trip I remembered and we frantically pulled over to check. I guess all that rough riding caused the noodles to fall off and the doors had slammed on their own.  And yes, this was also on the checklist.  Strike #2.

Now we check and double check the list, afterall, we are 59 and 60 and while we find ourselves “young”, it seems to take two of us to double check things more often.

Here’s to Checklists and following them dililgently.


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Ants — those pesky creatures that invade our campers

“Well, let me tell you, ants are the dominant insects. They make up as much as a quarter of the biomass of all insects in the world. They are the principal predators. They’re the cemetery workers.”  E. O. Wilson

I certainly believe E. O. Wilson, whom I’ve met in person, is correct. And most of us who have camped be it Class A’s, travel trailers or tents have experienced an invasion of these tiny armies.

Our first experience, and it was horrible, was at White Oak Campground near Lake Eufaula in Alabama. We pulled in our site on Monday and the next day we witnessed travel trailer residents near us spraying outside the campers. Naively I thought, “those poor folks must have bug problems.”

Wednesday morning I find our kitchen invaded by ants. Immediately D (my sweet husband) and I agree to be vigilant to not leave out food or dirty dishes.

But they kept coming! They invaded our outdoor kitchen which had no food crumbs or remnants except for a pan with bacon grease. They invaded our outdoor awning area, and by the end of the day they had trails crawling up the sides of our travel trailer. It was like a horror movie.


The only bug spray we had was OFF to keep mosquitos from eating us alive but we used that whole can to spray the countertops, walls, chairs outside, and everywhere we saw them.

On Wednesday we attempted to determine where the ants were coming from and found they were climbing from a sweet gum tree that had limbs that touched our awning, down the awning arm and into the camper.  Amazing !!

Wed night I woke to being bitten in bed which WAS a horror movie for sure. On Thursday morning as we were packing, a huge 5th Wheel pulled in next door and before they even unhooked the truck, they were sprinkling this white powder-sugar looking stuff around their tires, jacks, power cord and water line – anything that touched the ground from the camper. What a strange white powder!  I could only assume it was something to keep insects from invading.

After we got home I was obsessed with this not happening again and researching how to keep the ants out of the camper but it had to be pet-friendly.  I found Diatomaceous Earth and there is info below on this item. I assume this is the same white powder the 5th Wheel neighbor was sprinkling on their site. I bought a large bag from Amazon and used on our next camping trip and we didn’t have ants but we’ve never had an ant problem before either.

I have to say I am not crazy about how this white powder looks sprinkled everywhere. I will not hesitate to use if we go back to White Oak or other campgrounds “in the woods”. 😊 But it’s not something I’d want sprinkled all over our site if we camp in an upscale campground. Call me crazy but that’s how I feel; I don’t like looking like the redneck camper neighbor perhaps because we are from Alabama and people already assume that. LOL.


Diatomaceous Earth   For those that are more stationary than your typical tailgater (or for those that are going to week-long baseball tournaments or camping trips), food grade Diatomaceous Earth has been effective for a lot of RVers. Diatomaceous Earth is a natural product from the fossilized remains of diatoms or algae. It can be used for a whole slew of things, like filtration, mild abrasives in toothpastes, liquid absorbent, cat litter, and even a stabilizer for dynamite.

For our purposes though, it is used as an insecticide. Diatomaceous Earth absorbs lipids in the exoskeleton, causing them to dehydrate. Gardeners use diatomaceous earth to prevent slugs from taking over. To prevent the ants from coming into the RV, sprinkle the diatomaceous earth around anything that touches the ground – tires, jacks, cables, power cords, hoses, etc. To get rid of ants already in the RV, you can sprinkle it around the areas the ants like to visit and in cabinets.

I personally don’t like spreading it around the RV when I’ll be using it, like during football season. It feels dirty even though there isn’t a lot of it around. Instead, it’s definitely something to do before you put the RV into storage for any length of time. It’s a great offseason ant prevention technique. Once the diatomaceous earth gets wet, it will no longer be effective. You’ll need to retreat after a rainstorm. Thus, it may be more effective inside the RV where it is less likely to get wet. Another reason it is great for offseason storage.

Taken from

Another suggestion I plan on trying that I found online:

Some RVers recommend a mix of Borax soap and sugar water sprayed around the outside of the RV. The sugar attracts the ants who then carry the Borax back to the colony and it kills them there. You can also soak cotton balls with the mixture and leave them around the RV.





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Camping on Lake Eufaula, AL

White Oak (Creek) Campground

This beautiful campground is on Lake Eufaula, Eufaula, Alabama and what a jewel it is!! We’ve camped at the Wind Creek State Park on Lake Martin (as well as live on that Lake), but White Oak was a beautiful surprise to us. I felt the campsites are more open and not so jammed together, and the majority of sites are on the water or have an excellent water view. There is tons of shade in this park including the sites, and the walking trails were nice.  D71_3893

As with most parks there are playgrounds for children, and we found the bathhouses to be very clean and nice. Our rate for week days in July was $25/night for 50 amp full hook up. Yes, it’s pet friendly.

As for our particular adventure we journeyed to White Oak with another couple who have a Class A and parked only 3 lots apart. We had a great time sharing meals, and sitting outside to enjoy the beautiful scenery. My husband and I walked the trails as well as park roads, swam in the lake as well as ventured into Eufaula.

What a charming town!! It is filled with gorgeous Victorian homes and history, and the downtown has great restaurants and coffee shops.  We heard “Phil’s BBQ” with the ‘Best Butts in Alabama’ is great and plan to eat there next time as well as try the “Cajun Corner” seafood. We are foodies (and we look like it) so good restaurants are important to us not to mention a good coffee shop is heaven to me even when we are camping.

Funny (and not so funny) things on this trip: Ants invaded all campers near us, Yikes! I broke a tooth eating corn dip of all things. And, I was a little leary of swimming where it said to beware of alligators.


If you are in south Alabama check out this beautiful campground and enjoy!

Note:  There are “Beware of Alligator” signs posted and yes there are alligators in Lake Euafula. But we were told the signs are more prevalent since that child was attacked at Disney World several years ago. With that said, since our Lake Martin does not have gators, I was cautious and only swam out in the open on Lake Eufaula (no swampy or secluded areas) in front of the campground.

Here’s the link to White Oak: